Darrell Darby's Super Regenerative Receiver


This is my working model of a super regenerative band switching receiver. The platform for this project was a 1936 Boonton signal generator.

Front view showing the black-wrinkle finish and the homemade airplane dial.

Close-up view of the dial.

Rear view of the turret oscillator with shield removed.

The turret oscillator section provided a good starting point for a multiband receiver. Working with a 955 triode for the detector and a 76 triode for the quench, I was able to develop a stable arrangement that gives me smooth regeneration across 3 bands (6 meters, 10 meters, and slope detection on the FM broadcast band).

View with copper shield in place.

Side view showing the 76 and wooden base.

Close-up of quench circuit.

This was a fun project, if you have any questions, please email me at

Darrell Darby

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