March 22, 2010 Meeting

This month, Darrell Darby offered to host the meeting at his new garage and workshop.  Nicknamed "The Garagemahal", his shop is really nice with several square feet and lots of lighting.  With room to easily work on two cars and two large electronic work benches in the back, the newly built structure is the envy of every club member.

The highlight of this month's meeting was the awarding of the "Louisville Electronic Homebrewer's Club Certificate of Excellence" to the oldest founding members, Jack Bell and Bill Latta. 
Unfortunately, Jack could not be at the meeting for health reasons.  Both Jack and Bill have been role models to everyone by sharing their enthusiasm and expertise for Ham Radio and other fields of electronic homebrew for the past 27 years.  Congratulations gentlemen!

Bill Latta receiving the award from Darrell Darby

Several club members brought projects they had constructed.  Among them was an interesting circuit for checking modulation on your SSB rig, built by Bill Scott.   Jeremy Schotter presented one of his school projects, a rather complex, infrared remote control demo circuit.  Another handy project was an overload protection circuit designed by Darrell Darby that should lessen the amount of smoke he creates in his workshop.

A bunch of friends, having a great time

Jeremy was behind the camera when he took this group shot at the end of the meeting.  Although a good turn-out, this is less than half of our members.

Until next time, our prayers are with Jack Bell for a speedy recovery!

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