The Louisville Electronic
Homebrewers Club

Welcome!  The Louisville Electronic Homebrewers Club was formed in 1983 by Jack Bell, Harold Boston, Bill Latta and Darrell Darby.  At that time, it was known simply as "The Louisville Homebrewers."  The name was changed later when it became apparent that there was another organization in the area with the same name that was involved in making beer!  The club started out as a monthly meeting at their homes where each could talk about their projects and share ideas.  Since then, the club has grown to include over thirty full-time members with new visitors showing up each month.  We now meet at 7:00 PM on the fourth Monday of each month at the McMahan Fire District station on Taylorsville road in Louisville.

Most of the members have an extensive background in electronics, many of which have engineering degrees.  Even though the theme of the club is homebrew, and it has it's share of geeks and nerds, it is also a very friendly social organization where you can meet some really nice folks and talk about any topic if you want.

One of the fun activities is the latest on-going build contest.  An idea for a project is chosen then Mike Moraghan writes up the rules with a scenario then we set a deadline and start building.  There are no prizes, we just compete for bragging rights.  The results are sometimes amazing.

We will show some of the past and present contest entries along with some of the member's other projects.

Also, take a look at some of the swap meets and other clubs we have visited.


Transmitter Contest
A tube-type transmitter project
Our recent visit to an antique radio swapmeet
Mike Moraghan
Some of Mike Moraghan's Homebrew
Darrell Darby
Darrell Darby's Super Regen.
Meeting At Darrell Darby's New Shop
Our March 2010 Meeting

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