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The following are links to some of the websites that I think are well worth visiting:

Similar sites

Tom Kipgen's Radios
Beautiful homebrew.  Tom makes it look like fine art.
Phil's Old Radios
Philip Nelson's site is hard to beat.  Just good pictures and lots of useful
Dave's Homemade Radios

Great looking crystal and tube sets that work equally well.
Jeremy's Antique Radios

Newcomer to the hobby.  What talent!  Take a look!
Peeble's Original Radios

Nice crystal sets.  Mike Peebles has been around for a while.
Scott's Crystal Radios
Scott's nice collection of crystal radios and headphones.  Some old parts
for sale.

More beautiful homebrew and restorations.
Vintage Radio Cellar

Well documented homebrew.
Jim's Crystal Radio Page

More great homebrew crystal sets.
Japanese Tube Circuits
This is a great site with many good schematics for building receivers with 12 volts
on the tube plates and other low voltage as well as high voltage tube circuits.  In
Japanese, but the schematics are readable.  I couldn't read the name of the site,
so let's just call it the "Japanese Tube Circuits" site.  Well worth looking at.
Amazing homebrew!
Fun With Tubes

Max Robinson's great site for homebrew tube projects.
Niel Wiegand's Homepage
Niel has some early style homebrew that uses authentic parts throughout.
Excellent work that represents what this website is all about.
Stay Tuned
Darryl Boyd's excellent site for crystal and tube projects.  Lots of information on sound-powered headsets.
Antique Airwaves
About the best site for more links and other related information.
Ben Tongue's Homepage
The best source for technical information on crystal radio set design.
Radio Antiguas
Collector Carlos Benitez's site from Argentina.  Not in English, but easy to understand how much he is into the hobby.

Sources for Parts

Antique Electronic Supply Old reliable parts supply house.                                                        
Antique Radio Grille Cloth I have bought several pieces of cloth here.  Nice material.
Antique Radio Knobs Yup, you guessed it, knobs.
JustRadios A good source for replacement capacitors.
Ocean State Electronics Homebrew parts such as variable capacitors.
Play Things of Past This is Gary Schneider's wonderful store.  The absolute best place to find vintage
Radiodaze More restoration parts.
Old Radio Parts
Mark Oppat's site for reproduction parts.
Dave Schmarder's Parts
Crystal and Regen set parts.  Great source of parts for contest crystal sets.

Tube Information

NJ7P Tube Database
The best source for tube specifications.                                        

Sources for Schematics

Nostalgia Air
Free schematics and other information.       

Other Neat Stuff

Old Time Radio Show Catalog
Great source for old time radio shows.                                                                    

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