This is the bottom view as a completed board would look, not a mirror image as used by the transfer method of making pc boards.  The red lines indicate three jumpers that must be installed first when assembling the board because these are located on the top side under IC's.

This is for reference only, should you want to use the same general layout.  Everything is to scale except the holes for IC's, resistors, capacitors and diodes may be too large.  I have the holes larger on this drawing because I use a pen plotter with an etch resist pen to make my circuit boards and this size allows for the extra width from the flow of the ink.

The layout for this circuit is critical to power and return ground paths.  The layout presented here has been refined and does work, however, there is always room for improvement.  Let me know if you have a better way.  I haven't considered surface mount, but it should be easy to implement.

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