Some of Mike Moraghan's Homebrew


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The Ousterhaut set with variable taps on the homebrew basket weave coil and a "deodorant drive" on the wave trap for variable coupling, ca. 1930.               
Another view of the Ousterhaut showing the tapped coil.
A triple tuned Marconi, ca. 1915

Back view of the Marconi front panel.

Another Marconi tuner, ca. 1907

Inside the Marconi tuner.

A "Mystery" crystal set, ca. 1932. Australian

Another Ousterhaut set with a hand wound honeycomb coil.

Inside the Ousterhaut.

Closeup of the honeycomb coil.

Copy of a "Son of It came from a junkbox" by Dan Pederson, WA6OIL.

Behind the panel.

A 1934 style regen. using a 6F7.

Behind the panel.

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